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President Obama has proven over his presidency to be very smart; he knows who his base is and he knows what they want and most importantly, he knows how to give it to them.

He has come out for Gay Marriage and by doing so not only secured the gay vote, which he already had, but he also motivated gay people. Gays will be very motivated in November for the first president who has openly endorsed same-sex marriage.  We’re very motivated when we understand the potential for gay marriage to become legal federally with an Obama second term.

Then most recently, he announced that his administration would no longer deport young Hispanics under the age of thirty who came here with their parents when they were too young to make their own decisions. Hispanics know now that he will also do what he can in a second term to pass the American Dream Act that he was unable to in his first term, thanks to Republicans in Congress who has blocked that bill from becoming law.

In 2008 Barack Obama won the presidential election thanks to a large turnout of the youth vote.  Even though he still overwhelmingly holds the vote of the young in this country, the young aren’t as motivated as they were in 2008.

Young people in large numbers support the legalization of marijuana. In fact, the possibility of the legalization of pot in the near future has a great deal of potential to motivate young voters to get out and vote this November.

I have no idea if Obama has any plans to make a campaign promise when it comes to marijuana legalization but I do think that he should strongly consider it. If he succeeds, once he’s won a second term, it will depend a great deal on the makeup of the new congress he’s going to have to work with to get a marijuana legalization bill passed.

When it comes to the question if marijuana should be legalized, or at least decriminalized, personally I think the time has come.  Currently, 17 states and DC have medical marijuana laws. That number will surely grow over time.

One of the myths about marijuana – about it leading to stronger more dangerous drugs – has never proven to be true. And, with an economy struggling to recover, the complete legalization of marijuana – not just decriminalization – would lead to a boondoggle of new, very much needed tax dollars for municipalities, states and the federal government.

Not only could the legalization of marijuana bring in new tax dollars but it would also save billions of dollars for all levels of government, as no longer would the cost of arrest, prosecution and incarceration of marijuana possession offenders be costing government entities billions of dollars annually, as it does now.

I’m not advocating the legalization of all drugs, as there are drugs which are highly addictive and deadly. Marijuana is safer than alcohol which is legal. In fact, the government should handle marijuana much like they do alcohol when it comes to taxation and law enforcement.

There’s much talk that Obama may have an October Surprise up his sleeve and that surprise could be him coming out in favor of the legalization of marijuana. He would have a good reason to with the possibility of the tax dollars it could bring in to help local, state and the federal government with their fiscal difficulties.

I don’t know if Obama will take that plunge and commit himself to the very liberal standing of support for the legalization of marijuana but he seriously does need young adults to pour out to the polls this November and the single problem holding back the youth is motivation.

Obama also becomes a much more viable choice for Libertarians who generally support the legalization of marijuana. Mitt Romney is not a great choice for Libertarians, now with their own candidate, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex) off the ballot.

I realize that there’s some political risk involved with Obama supporting marijuana legalization as some independents voters who otherwise might support the president, may feel he’s just too liberal. But like his coming out for gay marriage, the political reward could well be worth the risk of alienation of a few voters.

Besides, Republicans already call him too liberal when in fact, many of his policies, especially foreign policies, have been anything but liberal. He might as well live up to some of the GOP’s accusations, especially if it will help him secure yet another four years in the White House.

I do believe that there is nothing that could stir up and send young voters out to the polls in huge numbers more than the prospect of legalizing pot. Obama should consider it well.


January 21, 2012 Newt Gingrich captured the GOP nomination in South Carolina. Many have come to the conclusion that the win of Newt Gingrich shows the racist and backwards nature of the great state of South Carolina. I beg to differ. I think the election of Newt was right on time. Technically Newt would be the best to go against Obama. It’s no secret that I am a Obama supporter but at the same time, I am a political activist meaning I look at both sides making me bi-partisan. Newt is a “Washington insider”, served as Speaker of the House under Clinton administration, and has worked across party lines. This in my opinion makes him a great candidate. Yeah Newt has a history of infidelity and has used the wrong choice of words but I still feel that he would make a great President. Under Clinton administration, Newt worked across party lines to bring the country into a SURPLUS and helped balance the budget in 1998 that hadn’t happen since 1969. All factors that are needed going forward in America. Newt even admitted on CNN this morning that there are more whites on welfare/food stamps versus blacks. The reason why most people say there are more blacks on government assistance is because of the small population of blacks versus whites in America, there is alot of “us” on assistance. Will Newt come in and take away all these programs? No. That will take LONGER then 4-8 years. Will he come in and help create jobs and bring America back to a surplus? I think so. Newt would serve as a great leader under the Obama administration.

President Barack Obama is a very strong man. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why people are 100% upset with the President. Any President does not make decisions all on their own. They will publish a bill to Congress with hopes they will vote for it. If Congress does not vote for the bill, then it will not happen. So again I asked why are you upset with President Obama. It is taking President Obama longer to make anything happen because he has a very stubborn Congress. Congress is so partisan and selfish that they are putting their beliefs before the voters.

Black people are even more upset with President Obama because they thought he was their messiah. This is not the Civil War and President Obama is not Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves, we have been free for sometime. Which means that President Obama is not local neighborhood homeboy, he is the President of the United States of America and he has to govern himself to help each American citizen, not just blacks. Obama was not going to come into office and just make lives for black people easier because he is 50% black. I agree he can do more and be more aggressive but he has a Congress that sucks and we can only blame ourselves and our community be it black, white, asian, a lack of a better word, tax paying American citizens for not voting. WE gave President Obama the stubborn Congress he currently has. I am not upset with President Obama. I think he was done a good job. Not great and surely not terrible. When you pray to God does he answer your prayers the next day? Most instances no because you must have faith. President Barack Obama will have another successful 4 years if WE the people VOTE to have the right people in Congress. We must hold Congress accountable as well as President Obama. On that note I will go back to drinking my Obama kool-aid.