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“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it” Zora Neale Hurston

So whats next? How do we move on from this? It was proven yet again that it is ok to kill a black person who was blatantly protecting himself from someone who was following him. America, I blame you. I blame your racism that still exist. I blame your inequality that still exist. George Zimmerman was told to stay in his car, but instead he decided to take the law into his own hands. Growing up, it was told to some of us in school that you fight force with force. Meaning that if someone is using their fist, you do the same thing, not use a gun when they are using their fist. With that being said, George should have and could have defended himself by having a fair fight. We have to wonder if our justice system is really fair??? What do we do??? Well first off we don’t GIVE up. We continue to press on. We find and make ways to have laws changed. But this duty lies with US! We VOTE these people in….WAIT RIGHT THERE…WE VOTE THESE PEOPLE IN!! Meaning that WE must exercise the right that our ancestors fought for us to have. We vote because we can vote better in while voting the horrible people out. We can’t let the dream of Martin Luther King Jr be forgotten or go deterred. If you want to have a march, march on. If you want to have a rally, rally on. If you are encouraged to go law school GO and become the best attorney you can! Whatever you decide to do, do not let this go in vain. America must live up to what it is “supposedly” based on. This is in order to prove that a black boy should be able to walk home without being followed, racial profiled, and murdered. 














“Standing upon shoulders of giants”. A quote that will forever resonate with me. This is a quote I heard throughout my tenure at South Carolina State University. I never really made sense of what this actual quote meant until my senior year and I was working on my senior thesis.  Black America, we are not only descendents of Kings and Queens, we are descendents of fighters, soldiers, and warriors but we cannot fathom any of this. Our ancestors labored, suffered, and died so that we may have a better opportunity at life and what do we do? We fight each other, we diss each other, we KILL each other. Black people are our own worse enemy. If you ask a black person the latest Jay-Z songs and who their state representative, state senator, US congressman, and US senator may be, I bet Jay-Z wins. What most black people don’t realize is that Jay-Z is a BUSINESS MAN. When I say business man, he not only has made a name in the hip hop culture, he has a name in the business sector. Jay-Z can have dinner with Warren Buffet, a billionaire. Jay-Z now has his hands in the liquor business, video game business, and is part owner of a sports team. That is how you build wealth.  But we will spend 100s of dollars on the latest Jordans or we will go and buy the latest Benz, BMW, Lexus, park it in front of an apartment instead of creating ways to have long-term wealth. We are the biggest group of consumers in America but we don’t have wealth. In 2012 racism may still be evident, I do not deny that BUT what I do realize is that blacks must stop blaming “the man” on their shortcoming.

1. Gabby Douglas

This situation was very silly and childish. You would assume that as a race of people who have went through being labeled as chattel and 2nd rate citizens, we would be there for our own sister. But instead, some of black america brought her down. Gabby’s hair became the focal point. Gabby’s hair should not have been of anyones topic of discussion. Gabby’s mom sacrified so much so that her daughter could continue doing gymnastics and have the moment we all sat in front of the television and hoped for. What does black america do? Ridicule. We should have been celebrating with her as if she was our cousin, sister, best friend. That moment alone showed our division as a race…again.

2. The black church/Gay Marriage

Every since President Barack Obama stated his stance on gay marriage, the black church have went on a major crusade against the President. President Obama supporting gay marriage is his personal beliefs and has nothing to do with politics. He was not requiring all of america to support him in this endeavor.  The black church will lead a crusade against something as minor and something we have little control over such as gay marriage. We have people in the church who are having sex before marriage, making babies out-of-wedlock, and suffering from greed but we lead a crusade against gay marriage. Leviticus says no man shall steal, no adultery should be committed, we shall not eat anything with blood in it etc…but no crusade is being lead on any of this. God does forgive us of our sins but at the same time, no one sin is greater than the other. The black church should be helping the poor and homeless but we want to condemn the President because of his views and ostracised homosexuals.


HBCUs were created so that african americans may have access to higher education and so that they may be able to stay out of PWIs (predominantly white institutions). In 2012, HBCUs still create a world of scholars. But to the one person who has never experience the HBCU life and only go off of what they hear, their perception is otherwise. This divides us as “some” blacks who attend PWIs have a very judgemental view of blacks who attend HBCUs. Their stance is that HBCUs create drama, are ghetto, and filled with “hoodness” behavior. These same attributes occur at PWIs as well. Being at a HBCU, I was surrounded by people of many different races and cultures. Being at an HBCU, I was very prepared for the real world. To be honest, HBCUs have divisive cultures that have been created by class and geography which is found on any college campus. HBCUs deal with their issues of bad leadership  like any other school. Poor funding has made life harder at HBCUs. This one stance has caused a disconnect with the black community. Because we focus on monetary value so much, we feel it’s easier to sit back and judge instead of offering a helping hand.  What I have learned throughout my collegiate career is that you make your degree work for you once it is received. I had a discussion with 4 human resource professionals from 4 different career sectors and they all stated that they are not focused on the institution that you attended, they are focused on your background (internships and knowledge)and what  you can bring to their company.

These are only a few of MY viewpoints on Black america. I love my people, our culture, and our history (even with its bad parts) but as a people we must do better.



“If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”  ~Charles Darwin

September 12 2011, the U.S. census bureau released a report that stated that 46.2 million Americans (1 in 7 of us) were poor in 2010. All  due to the recession and economic downfall of America. Poverty in America is something that can be eradicated. Poverty in America does NOT make America look like the land of the free, its makes America look like the land of the have’s and have-nots. Once America and its policy makers take a special interest into eradicating this problem, America can transform into a land of prosperity as it is known to be.

Tavis Smiley is one individual taking a special interest into solving this dilemma of poverty. On thursday, January 12 2012 at George Washington University, Mr. Smiley will be hosting his Remaking America series on poverty in America. Back in 1964, then President Lyndon Johnson came up with a solution to help eradicate poverty. His idea was to create national programs to help the poor and needy. America currently has social programs that help the low-class, but programs do not  exist  to help and/or save the poor or in individuals in poverty. It’s a sad day in the most powerful nation in the world when we have people living on the street who cannot get decent help. According to Mr. Smiley, America can create a 3 step program to eradicating poverty . America needs to first recognize and realize that poverty exist. Two, the leaders of our great nation need to create a plan of HOW WE will eliminate this national problem. Last, our leaders need to “sell” this plan to the people. It’s all about the power of persuasion. America needs to create job training and retraining programs to help their citizens. It’s easy to say “go get a job” but its hard when there are no jobs available.

Once the people of America take interest in someone else life other than their own, America can be a super power again.


Conference call with Tavis Smiley




“Land of the Free?”

America is a great place to live. America is just what dreams are made of. But it seems that America is only that way for its citizens. Truth be told, EVERYONE living in America are immigrants. Europeans came here and took the land away from Indians, the original inhabitants of America. Then Europeans brought over African slaves. It has been long believed that America was originally inhibited by wanderers from Northeast Asia about 20,000 years ago.

The settling of America was founded on a dream, a dream about of peace and prosperity. The idea was for a better life. The immigration debate in America started in 1790 with the naturalization Act. This act simply meant that any white person could be a free citizen of the new world. In 1875 the Supreme Court of the United States declared that immigration would be left up to the federal government. In 1968 the United States eliminated any form of discrimination of immigration based on race, place of birth, and/or sex. In 1990 the United States established an act to limit the number of immigrants that are allowed in the United States a year. We now have Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wanting to put pressure on undocumented people to leave the country, that sounds more like a bully.

If we currently have undocumented people here in the United States, we should require them to gain citizens. If they do not gain citizenship within a certain timeframe, they have to leave. This goes for people who want to come to America as well, apply for citizenship, do the necessary steps to become a citizens and THEN come over. Sounds simple right? No need to have people leave when they can become honest United States citizens. Why can’t lawmakers think of the same thing? It should be a federal issue and not a states issue because not all states will have fair laws for undocumented people. People see America as the land of the free and the home of the brave and it should be this way for America citizens and people who want to become America citizens.