Four Candidates still in the race for the GOP nomination. At this point, they are pretty entertaining but they are pretty boring as well. Its March and still all the GOP talk about is “beating Obama”. Isn’t there another premise for running for President of the United States of America? The economy has faltered but it is slowly improving, jobs are far and in between, and healthcare is a major pressing issue but all the GOP talk about is “beating Obama”. Newton Gingrich won his home state of Georgia, if you can’t win your home state, that speaks volumes. When Gingrich gave his victory speech in Georgia he didn’t discuss the people of Georgia, he did a lot of bashing of his opponents. What has been admirable about Ron Paul tonight is that he admitted this administration is not 100% to blame for all of the fallacies of America at this point. All the issues dealing with America right now can be attributed back to the Bush Administrations. This is something no other Republican has yet to admit. Contraception has been a major topic with the GOP in the past few weeks. All republican candidates opposes abortion and most forms of birth control. Ron Paul wants all forms of abortion abolished, with that being said what happens when the woman is raped by her father, brother, uncle, cousin and gets pregnant? Should she be forced to keep the child? This leaves all types of emotional trauma on the woman but some say what about the baby? Babies should be made out of love and rape is not love. Some women have reproductive issues and have a world of pain carrying a fetus that will eventually go into a child. Should they have to be on bed rest for 9 months and basically risk their life because some MAN says abortion should not exist? GOP candidates should leave women ovaries and reproductive issues alone. Santorum feels as birth control only encourages kids to have sex and for people to have sex outside of marriage. Truth is, people will do what they want. Once someone tries to restrict them of something they want to do, they will find ways to make it happen. Birth control helps regulate women’s cycles and help with menstrual pain but did and GOP candidate think of this? Apparently not. Most candidates are not speaking on how to bring jobs they only say they WILL bring jobs. Most are not talking about helping the poor and/or middle class. They say they will help but they never discuss how. At this point all GOP candidates are being selfish. They are only looking out for themselves, they really aren’t looking out for their voters. Most people in this country are poor or middle class meaning that the GOP candidates are still only looking out for a select few. I believe in the idea of working hard as this country was built on hard work but I also believe in helping people get to that point. We live in a country full of homelessness and veterans who come home to America and do not have jobs. We live in an America with failing public schools and the GOP wants to diminish the department of education. This can go on and on but it will not make a difference if America does not wake up and take a stand on it’s on.


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January 21, 2012 Newt Gingrich captured the GOP nomination in South Carolina. Many have come to the conclusion that the win of Newt Gingrich shows the racist and backwards nature of the great state of South Carolina. I beg to differ. I think the election of Newt was right on time. Technically Newt would be the best to go against Obama. It’s no secret that I am a Obama supporter but at the same time, I am a political activist meaning I look at both sides making me bi-partisan. Newt is a “Washington insider”, served as Speaker of the House under Clinton administration, and has worked across party lines. This in my opinion makes him a great candidate. Yeah Newt has a history of infidelity and has used the wrong choice of words but I still feel that he would make a great President. Under Clinton administration, Newt worked across party lines to bring the country into a SURPLUS and helped balance the budget in 1998 that hadn’t happen since 1969. All factors that are needed going forward in America. Newt even admitted on CNN this morning that there are more whites on welfare/food stamps versus blacks. The reason why most people say there are more blacks on government assistance is because of the small population of blacks versus whites in America, there is alot of “us” on assistance. Will Newt come in and take away all these programs? No. That will take LONGER then 4-8 years. Will he come in and help create jobs and bring America back to a surplus? I think so. Newt would serve as a great leader under the Obama administration.

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Are GOP Candidates Benefitting From Voters’ Ignorance?

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I must say, and I admit I don’t know who to credit, the American public has been fooled into believing spending less on military (or defense spending. I will get into the semantics later) means less safety. But, in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Spending less would mean more safety.


The GOP candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, have done a great job convincing the debate audiences that, as a result of the sequestration cuts, we will be less safe and the President doesn’t care for the nation’s safety. It’s not until we actually take a look into what the government calls the “defense budget” that the candidates statements, like several of them, are utterly untrue.

During the first South Carolina debate, Ron Paul made a worthy distinction of defense and military.

“You don’t understand there’s a difference between military spending and defense spending. Just because you spend a billion dollars on an embassy in Baghdad, bigger than the Vatican, you consider that defense spending. I consider that waste.”

After nearly 10 years, we are claiming to finally leave Iraq but we actually left behind the biggest military embassy in the world with 5,000 troops and 15,000  contractors.

So with the announcements from Defense secretary Panneta plan to cut $600 billion from the defense in result of the failed super-committee, the GOP candidates discovered a new talking point. Santorum promised to cut $5 trillion in 5 years but vows not to touch defense spending; Perry the Panderer is of course following the lead.

Romney brought up the relativity of the military with former eras and ignored the fact we have the best military in the world. Period.

“I just want to go back and agree with what Governor Perry said, the most extraordinary thing that’s happened with this military authorization is the president is planning on cutting $1 trillion [$500 billion not $1 trillion] out of military spending. Our navy is smaller than it’s been since 1917. Our air force is smaller and older than any time since 1947…We simply cannot continue to cut our Department of Defense budget if we are going to remain the hope of the Earth. And I will fight to make sure America retains military superiority.”

“Hope of the Earth”? Really, Romney?

That isn’t the first time Romney peddled Obama’s defense spending $1 trillion reduction lie.

Now, before we dive into the actual facts, please remember: In August I wrote  “Happy Feasting for the Super Committee and in 2007, America made up almost half of the global military expenditures and 5x more than the next country, China; and 40% of your tax dollars go to the military. Nothing has changed since.

What none of the candidates have answered is exactly how cutting defense spending will be detrimental to the nation’s safety. Well, that’s because it’s outright false. The average American (and most of the Republican electorate truthfully) is so self-absorbed and near-jingoistic that military spending equates to safety and patriotism; and cutting defense spending means endangerment and unpatriotic, or hatred to one’s countries.

Let’s take an alternate look and cut oversea bases like Rep. Paul suggests. How will closing bases (mind you, in many countries are  tens of bases and we have over 900 bases in total. Middle eastern and North African bases are not listed) in Bulgaria, U.K., Germany, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Greenland, Netherlands, Krgyzstan, Portgual, Ecuador, Netherlands, Greece, and Spain be a threat to the U.S.? Surely we can find some massive cutting to do in our colossal Global War Machine?

The FY2012 $662 billion DoD bill passed weeks ago — a modest $8 billion reduction from the request.

Excuse my naivete, condescension, and sly snarky-ness but I would like a serious answer. We need have a serious, substantive discussion over this.

Candidates like Perry can trick the public, though I don’t believe he understands himself and he proves it here, into thinking Turkey is ran by “Islamic terrorists” but it’s simply not true.


There are many differences between of the government of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya; differences between Boko Haram, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas (slippery line here. Hamas is a democratically elected party recognized by nearly every nation except Israel and U.S. Hamas has remained political discourse)

Before the upcoming quotes, Perry slammed the Taliban and was all over the place in my opinion.

“..yes, they  [the urinating Marines] need to be punished, but when you see this president with that type of disdain for our country, taking a trillion dollars [again, actually half a trillion] half a out of our defense budget, 100,000 of our military off of our front lines, and a reduction of forces…”

After Perry’s blunder of an answer, Paul also made a very important distinction of Al-Qaeda and Taliban… but to no applause. Sigh.

“ The al Qaeda want to come here to kill us. The Taliban just says we don’t want foreigners. We need to understand that, or we can’t resolve this problem in the Middle East. We are going to spend a lot of lives and a lot of money for a long time to come.”

Unless there is a candidate to challenge the status quo, I see us there for a long timt to come.

If this is your first time reading, I’m not always this patronizing. It just really frustrates me that a large voting bloc believes this. If we continue on this path, and Romney’s concept of America Exceptionalism, this great nation will surely fall and spread itself thin. Obama is planning to request another $1.2 trillion this week. After all the hype on mainstream media (MSM), as if the world was ending, I now hope you understand why junkies don’t pay MSM too much mind.


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President Barack Obama is a very strong man. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why people are 100% upset with the President. Any President does not make decisions all on their own. They will publish a bill to Congress with hopes they will vote for it. If Congress does not vote for the bill, then it will not happen. So again I asked why are you upset with President Obama. It is taking President Obama longer to make anything happen because he has a very stubborn Congress. Congress is so partisan and selfish that they are putting their beliefs before the voters.

Black people are even more upset with President Obama because they thought he was their messiah. This is not the Civil War and President Obama is not Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves, we have been free for sometime. Which means that President Obama is not local neighborhood homeboy, he is the President of the United States of America and he has to govern himself to help each American citizen, not just blacks. Obama was not going to come into office and just make lives for black people easier because he is 50% black. I agree he can do more and be more aggressive but he has a Congress that sucks and we can only blame ourselves and our community be it black, white, asian, a lack of a better word, tax paying American citizens for not voting. WE gave President Obama the stubborn Congress he currently has. I am not upset with President Obama. I think he was done a good job. Not great and surely not terrible. When you pray to God does he answer your prayers the next day? Most instances no because you must have faith. President Barack Obama will have another successful 4 years if WE the people VOTE to have the right people in Congress. We must hold Congress accountable as well as President Obama. On that note I will go back to drinking my Obama kool-aid.