Are you upset with President Obama?

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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President Barack Obama is a very strong man. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why people are 100% upset with the President. Any President does not make decisions all on their own. They will publish a bill to Congress with hopes they will vote for it. If Congress does not vote for the bill, then it will not happen. So again I asked why are you upset with President Obama. It is taking President Obama longer to make anything happen because he has a very stubborn Congress. Congress is so partisan and selfish that they are putting their beliefs before the voters.

Black people are even more upset with President Obama because they thought he was their messiah. This is not the Civil War and President Obama is not Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves, we have been free for sometime. Which means that President Obama is not local neighborhood homeboy, he is the President of the United States of America and he has to govern himself to help each American citizen, not just blacks. Obama was not going to come into office and just make lives for black people easier because he is 50% black. I agree he can do more and be more aggressive but he has a Congress that sucks and we can only blame ourselves and our community be it black, white, asian, a lack of a better word, tax paying American citizens for not voting. WE gave President Obama the stubborn Congress he currently has. I am not upset with President Obama. I think he was done a good job. Not great and surely not terrible. When you pray to God does he answer your prayers the next day? Most instances no because you must have faith. President Barack Obama will have another successful 4 years if WE the people VOTE to have the right people in Congress. We must hold Congress accountable as well as President Obama. On that note I will go back to drinking my Obama kool-aid.

  1. I think that circumstances have marginally improved under Obama, but the cast of thugs is the same as under the Bush era, and the decline we are experiencing has been underway for 40 years. Personally, I would vote Cynthia McKinney in, and have some influence from Ron Paul (though I do not agree with his overall vision of the US – more libertarian than people are prepared to live). “tarotworldtour”

  2. Terrell Maxwell says:

    Republicans have spent the last 3 years gearing their party up for this election and leaving the American people by the wayside. While the middle class enters the poor and the poor into the homeless. They want the free America to fight for the rich to get rich and not assist in the needs of america. Obama didn’t waste 3 years of trying to make a change, the congressional system made a waste of the time we needed to turn around the country.

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