January 12, 2012 I was pleased to be invited to serve as a guest blogger for Tavis Smiley’s Remaking America tv show. This year his show discussed poverty in America and gave a more in-depth look into the world of poverty from different standpoints. Tavis Smiley had an awesome panel of speakers discuss poverty in America. Majora Carter-Marjora Carter Group, Barbara Ehrenreich-Author, Dr. Cornell West-Professor/Activist/Author, Tavis Smiley-Host, Michael Moore-Academy Award winner, filmmaker, author and social and civil activist, Suze Orman-Personal Finance Expert, Viki B Scarce-CEO Feeding America, and Roger Clay Jr-President of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development in Oakland California all served on the panel.

The new statistics on poverty are unbelievable. There are 1 in 2 in or facing poverty. This means 50% of the people in America are facing or in poverty. According to Barbara Erinwright, America gives off the assumption that poor people are criminals. Most poor people are racially profiled as well. Most poor people will result to an “any means necessary” approach to feed and take of their families.

America has become a country driven by corporate greed and to some people, this is okay. America is a great country to live but its sad the top 1% would rather see people suffering and aid in their suffering instead of offering a helping hand. Its simple and easy to tell someone to go get a job, but when jobs are not hiring what are you to do? We live in a country where most of our population go into the prison system and that’s okay with people but its the complete opposite when it comes to education. According to Michael Moore, America has become a country that is fighting race wars because of the corporate greed that exist here. America became the great country it is today because of genocide. This country was taken away from its original owners later to have slaves create and build the country for which we live in. Michael Moore also discussed that President Obama needs to do more. Obama needs a congress that want to do more, not a congress who only want to see him fail.

Simply, the face of poverty has shifted. The “new poor” are people who were once the middle class. Currently the government has NO system or tool to help people get out of poverty, they only have systems that will help people stay in poverty. Most people are in poverty due to issues that are not of their own. Most are due to corporate greed of the banks and housing system which has caused people to become homeless are poor. The leaders in this country will take action with banks, the housing system, and WARS but not with the poor people in the land of the free. According to Dr. Cornell West, politicians in this country has become servants of Wall Street, Wall Street says jump and politicians say how high. In America currently, credit card debit and student loan debt are the highest forms of debt in this country. If a person files bankrupt, one debt that will still have to be paid is student loan debt.

What do we do from here people? Do we sit back and only focus on ourselves? Do we sit back and continue to let the country falter? The only way for the country to prosper is if we fight. Fighting can be about non-violence but its all about the people taking action. The system is set up so we’ll not fight for higher taxes from the rich so that one day maybe we will be rich and not have to pay such high taxes. Everyone does not have the mindset to want to work hard to become rich. As a people we need to ensure people are living in prosperity and free from the greed of the 1%. We need to push our lawmakers to realize the importance of this issue. If discussing wars can be of importance than discussing poverty can be even more important. As the great poet TuPac said “we have money to fight the wars but no money to feed the poor”, this is a problem in America.

Starting Monday January 16-18 2012 Remaking America will air on PBS. For more information on Remaking America and poverty follow the hashtag #RemakingAmerica, @TavisSmiley, and http://www.tavistalks.com/remakingamerica.

  1. Sam Collins says:

    Great post! Speaks to our sense of urgency on this matter.

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