Tea Party and their assassination attempts of President Obama

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized





Jules Manson from California, first you would think of Charles Manson, the convicted serial killer. Anyway, Jules Manson is a failed tea party candidate from California who called for the assassination attempt of President Obama and his family. Jules Manson posted his rant on his Facebook page (see bottom for picture of rant) which has since been removed. The post started in opposition to President Obama’s National defense authorization act, which simply allows for the arrest of any suspected terrorists and they would then be sent back to their country. He later referred to the President as a monkey and stated that his “monkey” children be killed, for a lack of better words. Jules Manson  lost a city council seat in Carson California by only 4% but he plans to run for a 2012 28th State Senate seat, get this, AS A DEMOCRAT.

So do we just sit and say nothing, do we just sit back and say he has freedom of speech, (granted he does BUT they dont teach us that freedom of speech comes with consequences) do we just sit and say it’s not that serious, do we just sit back and say people need to stop being so sensitive? No. Granted we do not know what people say every minute and second of the day BUT when we have had several people over the past year state that we need to KILL the President or the President needs to die and now his FAMILY that becomes a problem. It’s all about a simple word: RESPECT. This is something that you learn as a child growing up no matter how much HATE you have for someone or something. Some people are just so filled with hate and negativity that it consumes them and they are not able to think straight. You NEVER get so upset that you wish death upon someone, once you get to that point, you have a problem.

Simply put, you may not agree or even like President Barack Obama but the kind, proper, respectable thing to do is RESPECT him. Karma is alive and well. You would not want someone to wish death upon a member of your family.

More information on this article go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/20/jules-manson-obama_n_1161044.html

Picture of actual comment

  1. fidlerten says:


    I long fear for the president’s safety as many of us do. I didn’t think I’d have to also worry about his children.
    I don’t have a great deal of understanding of where the hate comes from and it makes me very sad that there are people out there with such hate for this man, and for no other reason than he’s a black man. The reference to him being a monkey makes that clear
    Very good article. How about a re-publish you know where?

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