What If Jesus Ran for President and No One Knew…?

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Repost from an excellent blogger Fidlerten:


 I have often wondered what would happen if Jesus decided to come back to earth for a short visit in the guise of an ordinary American citizen and see if he could run for president. I wonder if he could be successful. Of course, as soon as he knew the truth, he’d escape back to Heaven without leaving a trace. You might wonder why he wouldn’t just go ahead and enjoy four years, if not eight years, of being president of the United States, and all the good he could have done for the country and the world. But, you must realize that Jesus would never care for a position like that.

Saying all of that, the question remains: Could Jesus run an effective campaign and become president of the United States if he so cared to?

Let’s look at the possibilities by weighing his attributes and how he would stand on certain issues, if he cared about them at all. First, we’ll look at his appeal as far as conservatives and seeking the Republican nomination, which will be part one. Part two will be coming out next week; look for it.

For now, let us get back to Jesus running to win the Republican nomination for president.

We know that he was a very compassionate man when he lived down here on this earth, so if he were to see people hungry, he may perform a miracle and feed them all. Now, this might make him look like a socialist. I would recommend his campaign manager discuss with him the possibility of not doing any of those miracles, especially the one about feeding a bunch of hungry people. He wouldn’t want to lose the conservative vote, the Tea Party. Plus, they may start thinking he’s the Antichrist instead of THE Christ and they definitely wouldn’t vote for him then.

Oh, and don’t forget his hair Mr. campaign manager; hopefully you could get Jesus down to a barber chair somewhere and cut that hair down to a nice, square, all-American haircut. He may not like that idea, but if it will help him get that Republican ticket, then so be it.

The abortion issue would be sketchy as he never said a word about that issue. He did talk about “Living Water” and he even raised a man from the dead once, but not much on the abortion issue. Let’s give that one to conservatives:

Jesus comes out strong against abortion” the headline on some major newspaper would say.

Of course, he’d be completely against government intervention. He’d only want to send a message to women that there are better choices and to bring their burdens to him because his burden is light and his yoke is easy. So that would kind of scrap his stand on abortion. He’s against it, but he’d also be against government enforcing laws against it. Tea Party people would surely not be very happy with him at this point.

What about his stand on gay rights? Surely this would have a great effect on extreme right conservatives, if he were to come out really hard against gay rights. Again, this is a very gray area. There was very little mention of sexual behavior by Jesus during his ministry and nothing about homosexuality specifically. Also there were women who were known to be of ill-repute, who were known to follow him in his ministry and be part of his group.

There was one incident where a woman who had committed adultery came running to him as a mob was trying to stone her, which by the way, was allowed in those days for women who had committed adultery. Jesus ended up defending the woman. Now really, defending an adulteress? That’s not going to go well on his conservative record. Of course I should add that Jesus also spoke to her after all the people had left who were going to stone her, and after letting her know that he didn’t have anything against her but he did tell her to go and sin no more. So I believe we can conclude that Jesus did find adultery to be a sin, but he chose not to be judgmental about.

As far as his opinion on Gay Marriage, that might depend on what he felt about two people in a loving enough relationship that they would commit themselves before God, their fidelity and their love. He was big on love, so I’m not so sure he’d be so against it. I do know he’d have a problem with the hypocrites who would criticize him for supporting gay marriage if he did, when many of them have been married several times, and many have cheated on their spouses. I’m sure he’d frown on adultery much more than he’s frown on two people making a lifelong commitment to love each other and share their life together.

He would also be completely against capital punishment, especially since he suffered the same kind of punishment, even though he was innocent. If for no other reason than the possibility of executing an innocent man, but also because only God should be the one to take a life, unless it be to save others. This will also go against him with conservatives who overwhelmingly support the death penalty.

What about the Fiscal Conservatives; could Jesus get their vote? I do know what he said to one rich man: Give away all that you have, take up your cross and come follow me. That man was very sad because he had so much.

There was also that incident with the moneychangers in the temple; that really upset him. He even got violent, turning over things and yelling. Reagan Conservatives would want to know what the guy had against making money.

Then there was that very liberal speech Jesus gave one time that wouldn’t work with Fiscal Conservatives at all – “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Now, what kind of talk is that? Does that mean he wants to give the earth to a bunch of meek people?

Then there’s that “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God” statement. Peacemaking doesn’t make profit; that wouldn’t give those who support a huge military budget very much confidence that this man is going to support their war budget throughout his presidency.

No, I think we can conclude that Jesus could not win the Republican ticket. Besides, how would he be able to raise campaign donations when he’d need to cater to the wealthy and to what they’d want him to do in office for those contributions, like protecting them from tax increases, cutting social programs for the neediest and finding more tax cuts for the wealthy?

That just doesn’t sound like something Jesus would go along with to me. Maybe he’d need to perform a miracle and load himself down with some cash if he intended to run for the Republican ticket.

That brings us to the Liberals; would they possibly nominate Jesus to be the Democratic choice in a hypothetical race for president?

  1. fidlerten says:

    Thank you for sharing that with your viewers. You’ll now need to share the other half with them too; the one about if he could win the Democratic nomination.

  2. Thank you!!! Lol I was having a hard time finding the other one but its posted now.

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