What if Jesus Ran For President and No One Knew…? Part Two

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Part 2 of the repost from blogger Fidlerten: http://fidlerten.com/2011/11/11/what-if-jesus-ran-for-president-and-no-one-knew-part-two/

In part one; we examined the possibility of Jesus Christ campaigning for the Republican nomination for president of the United States. If you haven’t read that part yet, then you should read that first at:

Part One

What we would like to look at here, is to figure out if Jesus could win the Democratic ticket for president.

As I said in part one, when I was talking about Jesus winning the Republican nomination, Jesus was known to be very compassionate when he walked this earth. Now the compassionate part would work well for liberals and it is a major quality for a Democratic nominee. Believe me, if Bill Clinton or Barack Obama didn’t show any compassion for the needy, they’d never have won the Democratic ticket, let alone the presidency. So right away, being compassionate is a sure help.

The miracles part might be tricky. But if good things came from it, then I’m sure liberals who grew up in the sixties like me would think it’s rather cool. Surely though, it will make some independents skeptical.

Now the long hair shouldn’t be a problem either. It might be a little unconventional, but then we liberals thrive on unconventional things. We did, after all, elect a black president whose middle name is Hussein. Believe me, many of us baby boomers – the huge voting bloc that we are – remembering fondly the days when we all ran around shaggy.

Now we had decided earlier in part one that Jesus would be against abortion but would also be against government intervention, which would make it a non-issue with liberals at that point.

Jesus would give his support to Gay Marriage (come on conservatives, I gave you abortion), giving a speech saying how he’s glad that there will be love and commitment instead of so much of the promiscuous behavior that gays are so known for in the past. Further, he will forgive and remind them that there won’t be any of this kind of thing in heaven, and they should go and sin no more. That might be a little overboard with the atheists, but hopefully they’ll be able to overlook that one point.

His support for gay marriage will definitely help him seal the deal for the nomination. But, we had better take a look at the man’s foreign policy; we liberals don’t want warmongers in there like Bush & Cheney Incorporated.

Now his stand on Israel would be solid I’m sure, but he didn’t have much confidence in their faith back then, often saying they had “little faith” and they had chosen not to believe in him. Still, I’m sure Jesus will be in their corner and forgiving as always. But then, he wouldn’t tolerate any mistreatment of the Palestinians and their rights to live free and have a place to call their own. That sounds like the compassionate Jesus I read about in the bible.

I do know he would definitely be against war and that would be a real plus with a lot of liberals. I can just hear him now, “Oh yea of little faith!” He wouldn’t want to spend even a penny on defense and he would argue that we don’t need a defense budget if we would just have faith in God. The atheists really may not like this guy, but who knows; he might get a few converts.

Jesus would be very big on health care and social programs, I’m sure; we’ve already established that the man is very compassionate. I think he’ll go over really well with liberals, and I say that as a liberal. Even for many non-believers or people of other religions, what they know of Jesus is positive and he already has a really great approval rating.

I think it’s very clear what Jesus’ chances would be running for the Democratic nominee for president, and that is very likely.

So there we have it, the party that supposedly represents Jesus and Christianity would not, in my opinion, nominate him because they have strayed so far away from what he taught while on this earth.

On the other hand, liberals very well might elect him as their president as he seems to care about things they care about – taking care of the needy and feeding the hungry and the little guy. He’d care about their health and want to make them well and he would. What a great guy to have as president.

Of course, this is just my liberal speculation taking a joyride with my Dear Lord on board.

The message that I believe I’m trying to deliver to those who fill the pews every Sunday morning at their local church, no matter the denomination, is that when they lift their voices to God and give thanks to Jesus for coming here to earth and dying on the cross for their sins, they should also remember well who he was when they go to the ballot box and vote for president in 2012.

I’m not saying the man they should elect should be just like Jesus, but it might be a good idea to try to figure out if they think that person will take care of the helpless and look out for the downtrodden.

Sure, we want a strong president when it comes to foreign policy, but we also want a gentle president when he’s taking care of the domestic issues of the people he serves, each one of us, no matter our wealth or status in life.

The most important quality in a good president will always be in his character. If a president has high character, it will sustain him through any of the storms that the job of the presidency may bring him. Though it is a threat to the safety of our great nation and its people, or a financial crisis that could threaten to bring this country to its knees, a president with character will stand straight and face the strongest wind in his face and boldly and calmly find the best solution to the immediate threat or crisis.

As far as I’m concerned, our current president has shown a great abundance of character throughout his term. Has he made mistakes? Certainly, and if he serves another term, he may make a few more. But I trust his character enough that he’ll weigh every important decision with not only his logic and intelligence, but also with his heart.

Now of course, Jesus isn’t running for president and wouldn’t be interested in the job if we offered it to him, but we do have a fine man in Barack Obama. He has fulfilled many of his campaign promises and has done what he could to help the most vulnerable of Americans and even some large corporations who faced bankruptcy, such as the auto industry, and everyone in between. I, for one, would like to give the man another term to complete the rest of his campaign promises and hopefully set America on a path to prosperity for all its citizens, for a long time to come.


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