Occupy Movement Part 2

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandi

A few days ago, some students were protesting at University of California at Davis, where they were pepper sprayed repeatedly. Pepper spray cannot be washed away with water. Pepper spray has even been outlawed in the military BUT yet police in the United States are still able to use it on American citizens, especially peaceful protestors. Some of the students were punished for even covering their faces during the pepper spray attack. The Chancellor of the University defended the actions of the police. You wouldn’t think that this would happen in America. Whats so ironic is that the same police officers who are busting up the students and protesting are facing the same issues as the protestors. The students at University of California at Davis were protesting a tuition increase, which would have increased tuition by 81% from $12,192 to 22,000 per year.  This protest should continue and the school Chancellor should be ashamed.

In South Carolina the protestors won. They are now able to protest at the state house and spend the night just without sleeping gear. The Occupy movement has been able to demonstrate the “Crimes” of the financial elite as some would say. The Occupy movement is under attack as we all can see. The fact that town mayors and police are trying to crack down on the movement speaks volumes: the movement is really taking effect on the nation. America is about the have’s and have not oddly and sadly enough.  While having a conversation with a political buddy, my insight into the movement was 50/50. 50% of me say if the 1% became rich/wealthy, whats stopping the rest of us from doing the same thing instead of disliking them for the hard work? Yeah granted some are born into but ourselves can ensure our offspring can be born into the 1%. Then the other half of me felt as though its wrong. The wealthy are not being taxed enough and they need to be taxed more as well as do for the poor people in the world. Giving to charity is not enough. Charity will always needs money. Start your own charity, go and CREATE jobs with decent pay, tear down “the projects” or low-income housing and build them better homes. Then the issue is that some people are comfortable with living “mediocre”.

I say fight on protestors. Do not let anything stop your actions and your determination to make America truly about peace and equality for all.



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