Land of Opportunity?

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“Land of the Free?”

America is a great place to live. America is just what dreams are made of. But it seems that America is only that way for its citizens. Truth be told, EVERYONE living in America are immigrants. Europeans came here and took the land away from Indians, the original inhabitants of America. Then Europeans brought over African slaves. It has been long believed that America was originally inhibited by wanderers from Northeast Asia about 20,000 years ago.

The settling of America was founded on a dream, a dream about of peace and prosperity. The idea was for a better life. The immigration debate in America started in 1790 with the naturalization Act. This act simply meant that any white person could be a free citizen of the new world. In 1875 the Supreme Court of the United States declared that immigration would be left up to the federal government. In 1968 the United States eliminated any form of discrimination of immigration based on race, place of birth, and/or sex. In 1990 the United States established an act to limit the number of immigrants that are allowed in the United States a year. We now have Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wanting to put pressure on undocumented people to leave the country, that sounds more like a bully.

If we currently have undocumented people here in the United States, we should require them to gain citizens. If they do not gain citizenship within a certain timeframe, they have to leave. This goes for people who want to come to America as well, apply for citizenship, do the necessary steps to become a citizens and THEN come over. Sounds simple right? No need to have people leave when they can become honest United States citizens. Why can’t lawmakers think of the same thing? It should be a federal issue and not a states issue because not all states will have fair laws for undocumented people. People see America as the land of the free and the home of the brave and it should be this way for America citizens and people who want to become America citizens.

  1. Don Lucuis says:

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    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name.” I love this quote because it is, also, always the beginning of solving a problem. When it comes to the immigration issue, the best way to approach it to even begin to resolve it is to call it by the right name first. It is not an immigration issue; it is a Mexican issue obviously. The Mexican population entering the United States legally and illegally is greater than another nationality and they have become the largest minority in the United States. The legal Hispanic and Latino population makes up about one-fifth of the U.S. population yet Americans still do not respectfully recognize their presence.
    All they want to do, legal or not, is make a living for themselves like anybody else and we talk down on them: their language, the jobs they take, culture. My first name is Juan, a U.S. born citizen, but I constantly get “bad vibes” from people, employers, and customers when introducing myself. With the states taking the immigration issue into their own hands, I can understand if it is unsettling for the Hispanic or Latino population. Like Politicalnomics said, states have potential to enact unfair laws for undocumented workers; and for the said population for that matter. Living on edge and praying you do not forget your wallet/purse when approached by law enforcement in those states is not freedom: “Sorry officer I don’t have any ID … my name is John W. Smith” or “sorry officer I don’t have any ID….my name is Miguel Hernandez Diaz”; who will get treated with more respect?

  2. John Greer says:

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