Occupy Movement Part 1

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“Give me liberty or give me death”

The occupy movement has been going on about two months. Across the country occupiers celebrated the two month anniversary. The whole movement started in New York on wall street. People are simply fed up and tired of paying high taxes while the rich/wealthy are not taxed as much. Today about 175 people were arrested in New York, but several were arrested for just blocking the streets near the New York stock exchange. One man was arrested for throwing vinegar into the faces of police officers. 23 Occupiers in Los Angeles were arrested. Police set up barricades all around wall street but only allowed workers to get through the barricades after checking proper ID. Some people on wall street have stated that they empathized with the demonstrators.

Occupy Columbia (SC) took a different turn on yesterday. Yesterday evening, Governor Haley held a press conference to announce the eviction of the occupy Columbia people. They had to remove themselves from the state house grounds bt 6:00pm or be removed by police force. Some people outside of the State House today had signs that stated “democracy, government by the people”. There were 19 people arrested in Columbia sc last night and all 19 has since been released from prison. Governor Haley stated that it cost taxpayers an $17,000 in police overtime to guard to occupiers at night. According to one occupier who was arrested, he stated they all faced the same charge of unauthorized use of the statehouse grounds. Public safety said the fine was $100 while the people arrested said their fine was $470.

The occupy movement started as a peaceful protest has now started as a somewhat violent one. The people have a right to protest peacefully. The protestors all across the country are doing what most of us are afraid to do which is speak out and work toward making a difference. Many of us will sit and complain and never take the extra foot forward to ensure life is better. We find it easier to complain. As Newt Gringich said, there isn’t a 99% or 1% because that would be un-american there is only a 100%, we have to wonder should the occupiers continue their protest or should they encourage all americans to work hard and become part of the 1%? In reality it’s not fair that the wealthy are barely taxed while the poor and middle class bare most of the burden. Occupy the White House and your lawmakers sounds like the better option as they are the ones making the decisions. Let the people protest, this movement is leading to something great and major.

  1. This type of public protest in the United States has not been seen in many years. Even as the “Occupy” Movement as spread throughout these United States, the mass media has done very well in the suppression of its coverage. At first, the Major news stations only post display seconds of peace demonstration even after arrest and violence began to erupt on Wall Street. Also, they would only show demonstrations in the European nation-states and the violence. However, thanks to “Social” media outlets ie Facebook, Twitter, etc. realities of the protest are becoming known and it is bringing to the forefront what is “apparently” going on in the United States. It can be said that the the freedom of assembly is being construed for the benefit of the government to suppress it, that protests are good as long as it not in the United States, that the American capitalist system is failing.

    The mindset of “competition” that an open market creates is not what the People need during a time when it must be communal. This is a time when cooperation between people, businesses, religions, nations, heads of governments & states are essential and to put petty differences aside and focus how to keep the world and its peoples from falling apart. In the words of the Blessed John Paul II, “as the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whoe world in which we live”. Is the superiority of a political ideology worth that happening? The Blessed also begged, “do not be afraid to take a chance on peace, to teach peace, to live in peace.”

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