Southeastern Institute Women’s Campaign Training

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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November 12 2011 was a transformational day for me as far as my future in politics. I had the opportunity to travel to my “neck” of the woods (being from Laurens SC) to Greenville SC to attend a women’s campaign training. At this training I met some awesome, established women who has set a tone in the world of politics not only in South Carolina, but across the United States. At this training I was able to gander more information into how to run a campaign, how much money to raise depending on the race you are running, how to fundraise, how to reach out to core supporters/voters, etc… Ruth Sherlock who is the current deputy state director for Newt Gringich gave an overview on how to run a campaign and how to fundraise. The interesting part about Ruth Sherlock teaching point was the fact she told us to do a SWOT analysis on ourselves and our opponent which is not something I have ever thought of. This will help you to determine what you as an individual need to work on and ways you can dominate your opponent. She discussed what makes a viable candidate, how to effectively conduct research on your opponent, access your political neighborhood/network, what makes a winning campaign, and how to write a campaign plan.  In ways of fundraising she simply said that it’s not about the amount of money you raise, it is about how you use the money you collect. You have to ensure you raise enough to effectively get your message out to your core.

Next we had a discussion on social media and internet and how it is effective to any campaign. What you want to do with the internet is build a positive social brand. Your opponent will do anything to try to put you in the negative. Have a Facebook and twitter so you are able to communicate with a select group of voters and this way you would be able to gander volunteers. Make sure your social networking sites stay positive.

Next part dealt with the media and how to deal with the media. Radio is a great and by far the best way to get your message out there. This is because everyone listens to the radio. Most of the time people remember what they hear on the radio compared to what they watch on t.v.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to talk with GOP presidential candidate Newt Gringich. It was a great opportunity to hear an issue from a current Presidential candidate. Hearing both sides is always a plus so a person will be able to be well-rounded.

This was a simple overview of the campaign training from Saturday. I would give more but that would be giving out “the secret” lol. Overall this training has encouraged me to want to run for political office much sooner than later. Thank you to Barbard Rackes, Ruth Sherlock and Christy Cox for making this training a success. Its time for women to run and make the changes we need in this world.


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