Interview with Newt Gingrich

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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 November 12 2011 I had an opportunity to meet GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich at Furman University. I was lucky enough to get 3 mins of his time for one question. I find that better than nothing.

The question that I asked Newt was how did he feel about the occupy movement. Whether it was a waste of time or a worthwhile movement?

Newt: “I have sympathy with the protestors but we must remember that there are two sets of people protesting. One set who are ready for change and want to see change happen and another set who are socialist and are simply against Government. I am for the 100%, there is no such 1% or 99%. For it to be a 1% or 99% would be un-american. The people who want to see a change are ready for America to move forward and are tired of things being at a standstill.”

I never looked at movement being two sets of people protesting. I always thought it was one group of people, angry with the wealthy not being taxed as much as the poor and middle class. I also thought they should be protesting the White House and their prospective legislatures. Mr Gingrich made an extremely valid point and opened my eyes to a different of the occupy movement. I applaud the protestors, they do what most of us are afraid to do but most of us will sit back and complain.

  1. fidlerten says:


    In Newt’s little world, there is no such thing as rich and poor, just the fortunate and then those who are envious of the fortunate.

    Also, I noticed he used the word “socialist” and “against government” in the same sentence; calling some of the OWS protestors basically, socialist who are against government. That is not a accurate description of the protestors at all. It’s the Tea Party of his own Republican Party that are against government. OWS is against government being overly influenced by the super rich and huge corporations, not government itself.

    Sure, Gingrich would like to pretend that all Americans are in the same boat; both the super rich and the poor are both struggling and there is not such thing as the 1% and the 99%. Sure, all of us are just as likely to run up a $500,000 dollar bill at Tiffany’s like Newt has.

    The only thing your interview with Newt showed is that he’s as out of touch as he can be with the average American citizens.

  2. kay1belle says:

    I agree with ^^^ that the Tea Party has made “we need less / smaller government” their mantra. The OWS protestors want the government to provide regulations that keeps the super wealthy from basically raiding the pockets of Americans by any means to hoard a dollar. Newt is off base. But its not surprising considering his political and personal missteps…

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