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Yes, great question.

Religion. Yeah so but when did people become God? God is the only person that can judge us. God IS and WILL be the final decision maker in any of our lives. If a female decides to get an abortion she has to own up to God on judgement day, not man. Abortion is the process of when a fetus is terminated without the chance of survival. If a woman gives birth at 6 weeks, the “fetus” will not be able to survive anyway. Murder of a child should start at the point of whether or not the child is able to survive. So a woman should be forced to keep a child if she is raped? No. This causes psychological trauma on the woman. She is now forced to take care and raise a child that was never intended in the first place because she was raped. But pro lifers would say what about the child, well what about the unborn child? The child would have been a mistake. Not someone who was conceived out of love. What about the women who are sexually abused by their father, uncle, cousin, grandfather, should she be forced to keep that child? No the life of that child will be much harder than the life of a regular child.

Abortion laws began around the 1820s. Even those laws meant that a female could not have an abortion after the 4th month, how it should be today. Early feminists such as Susan B Anthony did not  agree with abortion but at that time abortions were seen as an unsafe medical procedure. Years passed and feminists agreed on birth control as a means to prevent women from having an unwanted pregnancy, but what about the pregnancy that happens anyway but force?By 1965 all 50 states restricted abortions, but some states had exceptions to this rule. Most of the exceptions dealt with whether it would save the life of the mother, in cases or rape/incest, or deformed fetus. Roe vs Wade is the case that has set the precedence for present day abortion laws.

Roe v. Wade was the historic supreme court case that overturned a Texas abortion law. Roe v Wade stated that a woman with a decision from her doctor could choose an abortion in the early months of pregnancy. Well this has quickly changed where we have women get abortions because they just do not want the baby. Preventing a female from having an abortion would be against her constitutional rights. Did the government give a female their body? No. So the government should not interfere with what a female does with her body. In order to have an abortion it has to be under proper terms. A female cannot have an abortion simply because she gets pregnant by a guy and one she is too young to have it or because she “isn’t ready” yet. If a female is raped or in cases or incest and/or risk to the female or an abnormal fetus should be the ONLY cases of abortion. With that being said, what do we do with all the unwanted children that a female did not want and wished she could have had an abortion? In that case she will have to step up and be responsible or give the baby up for adoption. It should be left up to a woman to decide what to do with her body without government interference but a woman should not  have an abortions because she decided she didn’t want the baby.  Being pro-choice is not 100% pro-choice because it comes with circumstances and being 100% pro-life should not be forced upon women either. Women learn to value your bodies. We are God’s gift to this gift to this earth, remember that.

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