Party of the “rich” you say?

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Reaganism at its best is does not exist anymore in 2011. In 1985 when Ronald Reagan was President you would easily say politics was at a great point for most of “us”. Reagan even understood back then that taxes on the rich were required to help with deficits. The GOP in modern has totally changed. Their stance now rest with helping the 1% and ousting the 99%. According to how things have been played out, the wealthy should stay that way while the rest of us “try to make it”. It’s safe to say that some modern GOPers has denounced democracy: simply looking out for the prosperous class. This is how we get the occupy movements. All the economic inequalities that has been going on in America has taken a significant toll on its people. The occupy movement is no mistake. It is time Washington pay attention to their votes the PEOPLE who actually give them a job as a politician and make their constituents happy instead of big banks and big businesses. Since 1997 when the GOP decided to cut taxes on the wealthy their income has done more than go up $345 million and their tax burden has dropped 40%. Is this right? Should the people protest? I think so. A billionaire today will pay LESS than 17% of their income in taxes.

Because of the GOP’s decision to “help” the wealthy, it has left America and their tax paying citizens in a bind. You will find republicans talking about family, small businesses and preserving Medicare etc while in actually they are in writing bills to help the 1%. John F. Kennedy proposed an across the board tax reduction when he was President that was actually opposed by most republicans, but this all changed in the late 70’s when inflation came about. This helped transform the middle class into a higher tax bracket. But as time passed Reagan started raising taxes while in office, this was to pay off some “debts” America had accumulated. Then a change came about, again. Once Bill Clinton took office his goal was to balance the budget and pay down the national debt thus leading to the best economic period America has had. Then we have Bush all over again who simply added another tax break to the rich. So the Republicans have succeeded in making the rich richer.  Now we have people like Grover Norquist who compares some members of the republican party to segregationists because they will fight to make sure that they raise taxes to help strength the economy. Many republicans do not believe in the modern republican ideas of helping the rich get richer making the poor poorer. In no shape form or fashion am I advocating that American help people every step of , you can teach a man how to fish so next time you can go and do it himself, however the saying goes, i believe in that fully. But I don’t believe in not helping people at ALL and leaving them to suffer. Some people need help, but the key word is help. The occupy movement is worth it. It’s safe to say the GOP has transformed into the party of the rich for the rich. It’s important to vote so America has people who will look for the interest of the majority and not the minority.

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  1. jonolan says:

    You’re Black. It’s not your opinion on such matters carries any weight with Americans. We’ve long ago learned that you’re the enemies of America and American values.

    • Erieka says:

      What difference does it make about the race of the person who posted the opinion in the blog? It’s an opinion. In the blog, she never mentioned white/black, she just said rich/poor. By the way, there are some “black” Republicans in the world.

      • jonolan says:

        Ingrained / inherited cultural bias has a great deal to do with the validity of a person’s opinion on any given subject. It’s natural to discount a Black’s opinion on wealth and taxation because they’re biased strongly to racial and economic angst and normally subsist on explicit or tacit handouts that require greater taxation and “wealth redistribution.”

        I and most Americans would no more listen to a Black on those matters than one of them would listen to a White Southerner on matters of American history and/or civil rights and race relations.

        As for Black Republicans – I’m well aware of such and laud them. The Black Community has different terms than “Black” for them though, most of which are strongly derogatory and insulting.

  2. kay1belle says:

    I can’t tell if these opinions of racial cultural bias are intended to insult or create expansion of thought. Either way It wasn’t mentioned in the blog. its racial to assume that the writer must be black because blacks are pre-conditioned to be biased towards wealth and taxation. Anyone biased towards and entire set of policies or standards with our full and total understanding is ignorant.

    • jonolan says:

      Her avatar is a Black woman. I thin it’s safe to assume that she’s Black since few would choose a photo avatar of a person of a different race.

      As for “anyone biased towards and entire set of policies or standards with our full and total understanding is ignorant+ – I agree, but it normative for Black to be so on certain policies and standards, just as other demographics have ingrained biases on other policies and standards.

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