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Posted: October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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October 18 2011 was another predictable GOP debate. This debate was in Las Vegas Nevada. One thing we can agree about the GOP right now is that no one candidate has been consistent. The front-runner at the moment is Herman Cain, nobody saw that coming. Mr. Cain is a great business man. Graduated of Morehouse College, came from a hard-working family and has beat the odds. As you know there is a but…

I had no problem with Mr Cain until he stated that if you are broke, poor, or unemployed blame yourself. Not sure how anyone would feel about a unemphatic President. So basically if we fall in another unemployed crisis we can “assume” that Mr Cain will say “its your fault”. So Mr. Cain wouldn’t be any better than Obama trying to create jobs. Obama is trying and Cain wouldn’t.   The main thing America needs right are jobs. Not someone who doesn’t care about the majority. A CNN poll on Monday stated that 25% of American believe Cain will win the nomination while 51% believe Romney will. Some people question whether Cain has surged in the polls due to recent debates and his performance. Herman Cain has recently admitted that some people will pay more under his 9-9-9 plan.

So why should we vote for Herman Cain?

He has no political experience. just great business/financial expertise

He blames the unemployed for their jobless status

He feels as though we need electric fences and alligator filled rivers to get the immigrants out

Herman Cain will be best on someone budget/economic/financial team or board in the present state. But it is still early to tell…

  1. fidlerten says:

    Herman Cain also is said to be difficult to work with by former staff members. His 9-9-9 plan is not a real plan at all, just some kind of easy slogan. He has no real solutions for America as none of the Republican candidates really do. One of them will of course win the nomination and then they’ll have to come up with real solutions when they face the general electorate. Especially when they have to debate someone as intelligent as Obama. The only one with any decent intelligence is at the bottom of the polls; Jon Huntsman.

    I must say that I’m glad that Obama isn’t running against Huntsman because as far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one who could face him off with a straight face. The others are only clowns for the base of the Republican Party.

    • Amazing that you say that about Huntsman and he is in the 1%. They others are clowns who are just simply do not like Obama. I totally agree that Huntsman would be the only person who could contend with Obama. Thank you for the response!!!

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