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September 21 2011 will always be a day that Georgia and America will remember. 11:08 PM will always be four numbers that will forever be in people’s mind. Just last night I found myself looking at the clock at 11:08 PM thinking Troy Davis could still be looking at the same thing if America would have taken a bigger stand. The fight was Troy Davis is amazing. People came from as far west in support of Troy Davis. There were celebrities out there taking a stand. But to some people, it is now apart of the past. Do we sit back and do nothing, do we let an incident like this happen again? NO! We must fight to end injustice in this world. Most people can tell you everything that happens on the BET and MTV awards but nothing about whats happening in the world let alone their community. Our ancestors fought hard for the things we are afforded today, whats wrong with us continuing to fight? When we put others before ourselves, our blessing become 3 fold. We as a people as a nation need to be more engaged. Most of us joined greek organizations did community to join, did community service once we were members BUT has since stopped. Why can’t we fulfill the oaths we took to our organization by continuing community action? Once we take a stand against injustice life will be better for generations to come.

Start by signing this Petition with the NAACP


  1. T Max says:

    The backwards thinking of todays society leaves us behind in all aspects compared to the world. The general population of americans want change but want others to do the work.

  2. reggie reddreed says:

    I believe in the Death Penalty, but your homily inspired me to sign the petition….

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